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5th Grade Pentathlon

WSP persevered in bringing this rite of passage to our students during the pandemic

During the spring, it is our fifth grade's tradition to travel to Ann Arbor, MI to participate in the Pentathlon with many other Waldorf schools from our region. As one fifth grade teacher shared:

The child of 11 or 12 is at a major turning point in their development. Rudolf Steiner gives the picture of the body as a chariot, and our own, unique individuality as the chariot driver. Childhood is the period in life when we "build" our chariot. Adolescence is the time when we take the driver's seat for the first time. The Pentathlon is a celebration of childhood, and of the body, the chariot.

Due to the pandemic, the event in Ann Arbor was cancelled, but WSP persevered in bringing this rite of passage to our students by holding our own Demonstration of Pentathlon Skills in mid-June. At Schenley Oval, our students demonstrated their skills of truth (speed or distance) as well as grace and beauty in javelin, discus, broad jump, the 50 meter dash and the 800 meter run. Each student participated individually but came together to celebrate as one class after the events were completed.


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