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With Gratitude

A Letter from Our Head of School

As the nights grow longer, we may find ourselves reflecting on the year that will soon come to a close. Our fall festivals provide reflective moments for us as well. Monday evening was our annual Lantern Walk. Walking the pathway that weaved throughout the campus lit with luminaries, gave me the opportunity to quiet my mind and take in the beauty of the evening. Lights were placed with care near the twelve new trees our students and TreeVitalize planted last week. I thought about what had been in the spaces before the trees were there, about all the children who had played there, and how the trees will change and grow over time.

Tree planting was just one of our gestures of Grace & Gratitude we took up this month as a school. WSP engaged in many service projects this month ranging from making cards for students at the Haleakalá Waldorf school to packing books at the Prison Book Project to doing a chore for someone without them knowing.

Our intention by launching 30 Days of Grace & Gratitude in conjunction with our 30th anniversary was to bring light to one another and to those beyond our immediate community. We still have a few more days of November left, and I am grateful for all that this community has created together throughout this month and for the past 30 years!

Whether you have been part of the WSP community for a few months or for many years, thank you for sharing your light with us.

Kirsten Christopherson-Clark

Head of School


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