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Winter Fair Night Market Special Auction Spotlight

With much joy, we’d like to share with you today that next Friday’s virtual Night Market will include three beautiful pieces of art being auctioned for a very special cause. Ms. Taye A. Ormsbee (Townley) has been a part of the Waldorf School of Pittsburgh community for over twenty years. She helped create the WSP library and volunteered weekly until the start of the pandemic. Thirty-five years ago, Ms. Taye spent a foundation year at Emerson College in England where she met John Wilkes, a sculptor. This experience is what seeded her imagination for bringing a flowform to the grounds of the Waldorf School of Pittsburgh. What is a flowform? Developed by John Wilkes in the 1970’s, flowforms were inspired by mountain streams and the powerfully revitalizing properties of naturally purified water. The vortex principle, introduced into biodynamic agriculture by Rudolf Steiner, helped Wilkes to create a series of water features that used water itself as a force for change. See more about flowforms here. All proceeds from the Night Market auction of Ms. Taye's paintings will be earmarked for the WSP Flowform Fund. Ms. Taye has already contributed generously to this fund through sales of her other silk paintings. About the Artist: Ms. Taye A. Ormsbee (Townley) graduated from the University of California at Berkeley in 1969. She has worked in design studios in New York, San Francisco, and Pittsburgh and has served as an arts apprentice in Bogota, Columbia, and New York City. Ms. Taye is a member of the Anthroposophical Society and is passionate about sharing the foundations of Anthroposophy with the wider community.

Works offered for auction: ‘February Garden’ (21x21, silk)—shown at top of post; ‘Winter Retreat’ (29x29, silk); and ‘Earth Mothers Await’ (21x21, silk).

To participate in this auction and see all of the other beautiful and unique treasures that will be available at WSP’s Winter Fair Night Market on the evening of December 10, please click here to join us today!


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