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Toward a Kinder, More Compassionate Society

A Letter from Our Head of School

Dear WSP Families,

It has been an exciting week beginning with our snow day on Monday. Students have been enjoying the gift of snow and sunshine all week!

Tuesday, February 2, was Candlemas (the same day as Groundhog Day). Candlemas celebrates the halfway mark through winter and is the time of year when the lengthening of daylight hours becomes noticeable. Winter is on its way out, and spring is coming. At this time of year, we crave sunshine and look forward to new light and life-sustaining growth.

February is Black History Month. Beginning this evening, 18 of our teachers and assistants will attend the weekend long virtual WECAN conference entitled “Toward a Kinder, More Compassionate Society: Black Lives Matter in Waldorf Early Childhood Classrooms and Communities”.

The teaching of Black History expands far beyond one month at WSP. Still, the teachers are intentional in their lesson planning to highlight the importance of this month. Each week, we will share vignettes of classwork throughout the school. This week, we feature our 8th grade’s studies of the Reconstruction Period of American History with a focus on equal rights for all citizens regardless of race.

May our hearts glow with wishes that take root where we live fostering a kinder, more compassionate society. Black Lives Matter.

With love and light, Kirsten Christopherson-Clark Head of School


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