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The Waldorf School of Pittsburgh is a community of resilience

A Letter from Our Head of School

This week, I watched as our rising first grade Poppy, Sunflower, Dandelion, and Buttercup Kindergarteners excitedly walked up the big red staircase as part of our “Bridge to First Grade” tradition. The kindergarteners brought a special snack to the first graders on Wednesday. Each spring, students who will be entering first grade in the fall are invited to a taste of first grade by having brief classes of Handwork, Games, Spanish, Russian, Eurythmy, and Gardening with their rising cohort, and finally enjoying snack time with the current first grade. It is also very exciting that next year we are able to move to full capacity classes; our first grade will be a class of 21 students!

How wonderful it has been to revisit several pre-pandemic activities this spring, including instrument and play performances. Last week, the middle school musical, Newsies, was performed outdoors on the Heartwood Annex with a full house and dry weather both nights! Supported by their teachers, the students put on spectacular performances.

Three years ago just before spring arrived, all PA schools were ordered to close due to the pandemic. As so many of you know, we went through contingency plans, programming changes, distance learning, the creation of emergency tuition funds, the application for federal funding, and so much more. While the creativity and determination that was required to collectively hold our community is still needed, we are able to direct our energy in different ways now.

Our annual May Fair returns on Saturday, May 6 as a celebration of spring, the arts, and community. Spring is a sign of nature’s resilience. The Waldorf School of Pittsburgh is a community of resilience. May we come together to celebrate this resilience with an outbreath of tremendous joy!

Happy Spring! Kirsten Christopherson-Clark Head of School

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