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Teachers Need You! Beautification 2020

Thank you so much for volunteering to help our teachers during this Beautification Week. It really makes a difference!

Thank you so much for volunteering to help our teachers during this Beautification Week. It really makes a difference! While students will not be in classrooms right away, teachers will be using their classrooms as 'home base' during the remote learning period. Your assistance with getting the rooms ready is greatly appreciated! In order to keep everyone safe, all visits to the school this week will need to be scheduled in advance. Please sign up HERE. Our teachers need you! I have contacted the Pittsburgh Parking Authority to stop ticketing this week in the blocks surrounding the school. South Winebiddle, Coral and South Evaline are all good parking options in the blocks that touch school property. These blocks are: South Winebiddle from Coral to Friendship, South Evaline from Coral to Friendship, and Coral from South Evaline to South Winebiddle. Here is a FAQ on Beautification 2020: Q: What safety measures will be in place for working on campus?

  • Everyone must sign up for a slot, times are staggered and only up to two hours. Only two families per classroom at one time. No drop-ins will be allowed.

  • Check-in at the Courtyard off Coral Street and exit from front doors/front of school off of Winebiddle Street only.

  • Masks must be worn at all times and social distancing of 6 ft. or more must take place.

  • Temperature checks with a touchless thermometer will take place before entering the building.

  • Gloves will be available.

  • Bathrooms will be cleaned on a regular basis throughout each day by WSP staff.

Q: May I stay less than the two hour slot? Or may I stay longer? If you are only able to stay for one hour, that is fine, anytime you can volunteer makes a difference! If you wish to stay for longer than two hours, you must sign up for those slots ahead of time. Q: Will I see my child’s teacher? How will I know what to do? Please check the sign-up sheet to see when a teacher will be present (it is noted in that slot). Sign up for those times, if you want to work with your child’s teacher. As in previous years, task lists are posted with check-off boxes so we all know what needs to be done and what has been completed. Q: May children participate in Beautification? Only children in middle school (Grades 6–8) may participate this year and must be accompanied by a parent/guardian and ready to actively work. No children Early Childhood children or children in the lower grades may participate this year. Q: May alumni, adult friends, or relatives participate in Beautification? YES! We welcome them to participate and this will count towards your volunteer hours. Please use their name in the sign in and let us know they are volunteering on behalf of your family. A note for all volunteers regarding travel: if you traveled to a state on the Pennsylvania travel advisory list found here, you must not be on campus within 14 days of that travel. Q: May we work outside? YES! We have lots to do outside. Although we welcome outside work, the play yards will be closed for play or socializing. Q: Why is this important? Aren’t we starting with distance learning and not on campus? While students will not be on campus at the start of the school year, many teachers will be using their classrooms for distance learning in addition to scheduling optional in-person sessions with students. Helping this week helps our teachers and your child as well as builds community as we prepare to transition to campus learning in October. Q: I still have questions, who do I contact? Please contact me, Adam Reitano. Email is best: Your class teacher is the best person to contact regarding their schedule to be in the classroom. Again, thank you so much for helping our teachers get their classrooms ready for the school year!


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