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Summer Reminders & Important Dates

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July 7: End-of-Year Reports

End-of-Year Reports for the 2020–21 school year are accessible via the BigSIS parent portal. Please read your child’s end-of-year report for a summary of their growth and learning and take note of the ways you can support their development over the summer.

If you have any questions about accessing the report(s), please email Bob Roberson at for assistance. Little Friends student reports were emailed directly to parents.

July 17–August 8: Quiet Weeks for Faculty

During this time, Faculty will not hold meetings, answer emails, or engage with their classes.

July 24–August 8: Quiet Weeks for Administration

During this time, several members of the Administrative Team will take vacation time. Please note that you may receive out of office responses with information about when a staff member will return to work, so you will likely need to wait for your question or concern to be answered until August 9. Our Front Office Manager, Jen Widich, will be on vacation from Aug. 5–13. There will be guest managers in her place. Please be patient with her correspondences, they will be a bit delayed during that time.

August 13: Back-to-School Packets

Back-to-School Packets will be mailed to each family household. All forms, updated Health & Safety Plan (HSP) information, calendar details, etc., will be included in this packet. You are encouraged to get started on the Back-to-School Checklist included in these announcements! All forms need to be completed by the first day of school.

August 20: Summer Newsletter

All of the latest updates and reminders about the summer and the start of the school year will be shared.

August 27–28: Beautification Weekend

Each year, we work as a community to prepare our buildings and grounds for the start of a new school year. This year, families will be invited to sign up for shifts, so we can manage the number of people on campus at one time. This is a great way for students and parents to see their children’s classrooms before school starts and be part of a very important volunteer effort for the school. More details to come.

August 31: First Day of School (Nursery–Grade 8)

Half day for Nursery–Grade 8; full day for Little Friends

September 2: First day for Morning Garden Transition

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