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Scenes from the Week: March 11–15

Middle School spirit day!


Mr. Nadiv drops gems into a basket—one at a time—as he counts them. The clicking sound each gem makes, along with Mr. Nadiv's physical movement connects first graders to the numbers he is saying. It is rhythmical. Students work with their own gems to explore multiplication in a tactile way. This is first grade math in Waldorf education.


Middle School students enjoy the beautiful weather during recess.


Born Shamir has been with the 5th Grade for a 6-day teaching artist residency as a part of their North American Geography block. He has brought visual arts, music, spoken word, and history together to deepen the students' studies. They have studied the transcontinental railroad, inventors, the Underground Railroad, Black cowboys, and Black Indians with him.


In morning lesson Grade 8 continues studies of physiology and anatomy with Ms. King. In many ways these studies mirror the eighth grader who is constantly balancing and integrating differing forces each day, though in this case they examine how the seemingly opposing forces in the muscles and bones support healthy living and movement. The block began with the nervous system and brain and extends to the eye and ear—2 organs with opposite structures—so they can further understand their sense impressions of light and sound. Throughout the block students observe, experience movement, and work with artistic media to develop an understanding of the complex structures of bones and muscles. 


The WSP Middle School Basketball team held a scrimmage against WSP alumni on March 13th. Thank you to everyone who came out to play and support the occasion!


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