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Scenes from Campus: May 21

Did you know that in Little Friends there are six languages spoken? Arabic, Hindi, French, Spanish, Portuguese and English are all used throughout the day. The children communicate with one another in the language that feels most comfortable to them. Many of our Little Friends teachers are fluent in conversational Spanish. Teachers also work to learn words and phrases to help support the child’s growing sense of self.


As part of our “Bridge to First Grade”, our rising First Graders join together as a class during the final weeks of the school year to meet their first grade classmates and get a sampling of a few first grade lessons. This week, our rising first graders worked with Mr. Mark to beautify the school grounds.


Third Graders’ building projects continued this week. Hammers in hand, they are helping Mr. Mark secure a temporary fence in the front play yard. The class also made props for their student written play.


Newly knighted 6th Graders pick up trash around our neighborhood this morning staying true to their oath to “strive to protect and heal the environment.”


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