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Scenes from Campus: 11/8–11/12

Lantern making in Dandelion Kindergarten


This week, Grade 8 helped our First Graders learn to knit. This tradition in our school is quite special, and we were so lucky to have such a beautiful day in November to share the experience outdoors.


Beautiful chalkboard art created by grades faculty in the second (lantern) and third (calendar) classrooms. Learn more about chalkboard art in the Waldorf classroom.


Grade 3 plans and builds shelters with WSP parent Mr. Zihar.


Ms. Karen Robertson (center), our former Eurythmist, came to visit us on Wednesday! Ms. Robertson lives in Oregon but was in Ann Arbor and came to Pittsburgh to say hello! Students enjoyed testing Ms. Robertson’s memory on their names and if she could recognize them with masks on. She demonstrated her strong memory and a few basketball skills, too!


Grade Four learns cross stitch in handwork.


4th and 5th grades work together and discover clever ways to transport friends around the playground!


Mr. Mark fires up the cob oven, recently built by Grade 3 for the entire WSP community to share.


Grade 7 enjoys Renaissance history with costumes, music, crafts, a tin hammer-and-nail lantern-making activity, juggling, and more!


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