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Rosebud Nursery parents enjoy a foot bath during Parent Evening

Rosebud Nursery held a Parent Evening focusing on the idea of warmth and its importance in Waldorf education.

The Rosebud Nursery became a cozy little nest for the evening as parents gathered together to spend time getting to know one another on a deeper level and receiving a lemon foot bath. Lemon footbaths help with grounding and recentering the body by harmonizing the distribution of warmth. It can help to ease built-up emotions and promote healthy rhythms.

Each person received a warm basin of water. A lemon was then cut and squeezed underwater in each basin to retain all of its beneficial oils and juices. Rosebud parents were then treated to a twenty minutes foot soak as we talked about how we could bring the idea of warmth to the children. During this time, towels were placed under the legs and over the lap to retain warmth throughout the entire experience. At the end, as feet came out of the water, they were quickly dried, massaged with oils, and tucked into warm cozy socks. Another quiet resting period then follows the soak.

The children in Rosebud Nursery will begin receiving lemon foot baths as we return from winter break!


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