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Closing the 2020–21 School Year with Gratitude

A Letter from Our Head of School

Dear WSP Families,

On Wednesday of this week, students in grades 1 through 8 gathered for the first time in 15 months as a grades school for the Rose Ceremony. Classes performed gifts of song, verse, and drama for the 8th grade class on the stage of the Heartwood Annex. The 8th grade’s resilience, intelligence, humor, diverse interests, and talents were highlighted, and the love and admiration for this extraordinary group of students was undeniable. First graders gave a rose to each 8th grader just as each 8th grader had given the first graders roses in the fall of this school year. Roses start as seeds and grow into complex and beautiful flowers that open to the world.

These students have truly blossomed during their time at WSP. Along with their families, they have brought growth and light to our school. They will be dearly missed, yet we know they are ready for the adventures that lie before them! We are also deeply grateful to their teacher, Mr. Brian Wagner. He, too, was honored with love and humor at the Rose Ceremony for being “the best teacher to lead the Class of 2021 for 8 years…to know them and to care for them with his whole heart, and to support them through highs and lows.” Thank you, Mr. Wagner!

Last night, families, faculty, and administration gathered in the Heartwood Annex amphitheater to celebrate the Class of 2021’s commencement. The rain stopped just in time and allowed for a beautiful ceremony to unfold complete with student appreciations of one another, parent appreciations of Mr. Wagner, the class, and WSP, a meaningful message with delightful doses of humor by Mr. Wagner, and a warm and thought-provoking commencement address from M Howison who has also taught this class since they were in first grade.

It was a lovely evening that expressed such gratitude for all who make up the Waldorf School of Pittsburgh community. Commencement is also a time for us to reflect and acknowledge that our community supports each of the students that make up the whole. It was a wonderful celebration.

This week was filled with many momentous happenings! Some will be featured in these announcements and others will be shared in our June 25 newsletter. This morning, the faculty and administration completed our annual Rose, Bud, Thorn Exercise during which we identify the roses of the year (those things we would not change), the buds (those experiences or activities that did not reach their full potential but have positive momentum) and the thorns (those experiences we do not want to repeat).

Faculty and administration met today to complete their annual Rose, Bud, Thorn reflection exercise. Roses (written on pink and orange paper), buds (green paper), and thorns (blue paper) of the year.

Regardless of the roses, buds, and thorns of this year, I know the faculty and administration feel deep gratitude for one another and for our community and all that we have accomplished together as the Waldorf School of Pittsburgh.


Kirsten Christopherson-Clark

Head of School

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