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Annual Fund Kick-off and Michaelmas

A Letter from Our Head of School

The rhythm of festivals brings our community together offering us joy and connection, inspiring a collective renewed spirit. Today we celebrate Michaelmas, a time when we are encouraged to reflect on our own inner challenges or “dragons”. We contemplate ways we can find the courage and strength to see what is needed to meet the shadow side of ourselves. We strive to find our own inner light to balance the darkness of fall and the coming of winter.

As the Poppy Kindergarten children walked out to the play yard this afternoon, I overheard them talking about special gifts of golden capes made by St. Michael’s helpers they received after hearing a story told by Miss Penny. The golden capes—made with loving care by several Buttercup Kindergarten parent volunteers—would “protect them always, and give them courage”, so that they may work on the earth to help all growing and living things.

Today is also the kick-off to our Annual Fund. This year’s theme, Reflect. Rekindle. Renew. is inspired by this time of year when we reflect on the depths of our ideals as a school community, when we rekindle their vibrancy, and when we renew our strength in meeting these ideals within ourselves and with one another.

Thank you for being part of what makes the Waldorf School of Pittsburgh such a special community. May you feel your golden cape of strength and courage during this season and be embraced by a community that gives you a sense of joy and connection.

In the spirit of Michaelmas,

Kirsten Christopherson-Clark

Head of School


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