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You are invited! Coffee on the Grounds — Meet the Candidates

This year the Parent Association is hosting a special Coffee on the Ground—Meet the Candidates to kick-off the 2023–25 PA Co-chair election. We are so excited to have two wonderful candidates for the position this year and thought this would be a nice way for the community to meet them.

Join us after drop off from 8:00–8:45 on Friday, March 31st at the cob oven for casual conversation and a cup of coffee (or water if you are not a coffee drinker).

Below is a bit of information about how the candidates came to WSP. Hope to see you on the 31st!


“In 2018, when my child was very young, I was looking for a structured way for us to socialize with both children his age and parents. After doing a little research I came across the Morning Garden parent-child program and thought it would be such a wonderful opportunity for us. I gained valuable knowledge from the readings and parent discussions, and my son had a place outside of the home to explore and be supported in his development. My child is five now, and we’re in our fifth school year at Waldorf. Some of the friendships both he and I made in Morning Garden are our closest friendships we have to this day.”

—Lauren Jesko


“Bernice has been enrolled in WSP since 2017 when she entered the Rosebud Nursery with Ms. Pegin Foglia. Before moving to Pittsburgh earlier that year from Seoul, South Korea, where Bernie’s mom, Keeton Christian, and I worked as teachers, we knew we wanted something special for Bernie as she began school. After searching—and one 4am FaceTime interview from around the world—we knew right away that the approach, the patience, the caring, and the understanding of Bernice as a whole person at WSP would make it the perfect place for her.”

—David Richie


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