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Seeds are Sprouting

A Letter from Our Head of School

Spring has arrived on WSP’s campus. The days have gotten longer, plants are growing, the trees are blooming, and we even have some baby animals being born on our grounds. The seeds that were sown months ago are beginning to expand, to sprout, and in some cases blossom. Spring cleaning is underway, and new discoveries are being made.

This week, a burrow of baby bunnies or kits drew much attention when they were found in the middle of one of our early childhood playgrounds. Everyday children and adults are eager to check on them using care as well as distance so as not to disturb them. I have heard differing reports on the litter size. If you have a child in the school, perhaps you will get an update when we are able to see more!

The making of matzoh, haroset, and salt water within our classes this week as part of Passover has been meaningful to watch and learn. We’re so grateful to our Jewish community members who spent months planning how to bring this culminating experience to our students. In early childhood, all snacks were modified to be Passover friendly. They had picture books that related to Passover specifically chosen for their age groups. In the grades classrooms, Mr. Nadiv worked with Grades 1–2, and Ms. Goodman met with Grades 3–8. Students in 3rd through 8th grade heard or were reminded of the Passover story and, much like in a Seder, were asked a variation of these four questions to prompt a discussion and to connect with the story: 1. What is a Spring festivity you experience yearly? 2. What are some qualities the Israelites needed to leave Egypt? 3. When have you been in a narrow place or tight spot? 4. What did you need in order to leave the narrow place? As Ms. Goodman shared with our students, “Passover warns that great suffering comes from hardening our hearts” (from the Union for Reform Judaism). 

The rebirth of Spring has the possibility of refreshing our hearts and minds, offering a wellspring of new energy — and the inspiration to let go of that which is no longer needed or useful. I am reminded of this as we prepare to come together as a community that is 30 years old and will once again celebrate May Fair, our annual celebration of Spring, community, and the arts. I look forward to seeing you on May 4th!

Kirsten Christopherson-ClarkHead of School

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