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Scenes from the Week: 9/12–9/16

8th Graders make felted cosmic balls in handwork.

Grade 2 engages in collaborative form drawing. The first block of the school year is focused on math.

Grade 5 learns about different avatars of Vishnu as well as Shiva. The students are interested in the cyclical nature of these stories as well as the idea that gods can all be separate but also hold a shared meaning. The class also explores the Ramayana and the story of Buddha. Below are some class paintings of Shiva.

Buttercup and Sunflower Kindergarten enjoy the new climbing structure in their shared outdoor classroom!

Mr. Mark hands masks out as Allegheny County moves back to Medium.

Grade 3 games with Ms. Illar.

Dandelion Kindergarten friendships bloom.

Pebbles keeps Ms. Jen company in the front office as he waits to be reunited with Ms. Thomas and his Grade 6 classmates. Until then he enjoys frequent visitors and plentiful snacks.


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