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Scenes from the Week: 03/07–03/11

Little Friends enjoy the range of temperatures this March is offering.


Poppy and Dandelion Kindergarteners, along with Grade 1 students enjoy building snow people.


Grades 4–6 Reading Club met for the first time this week.


Grade 3 poetry written by the students after learning about “being verbs” such as am, are, and is. These poems show a state of being or rename the subject of the sentence.


Sandra Matoushaya, a friend of Ms. Opdahl, was a special guest in Grade 7 this week while students are engaged in an African Geography block. Ms. Matoushaya grew up in Zimbabwe. Students learned that Zimbabwe is the same size as the state of Montana and has similar weather to Florida (although their seasons are opposite). Ms. Matoushaya spoke Shona, the main language of Zimbabwe, for the class, even though the official language is English. She fielded questions about crops grown, politics, animals, school, and music.

Take a moment to listen to a well-loved Zimbabwean musician, Oliver Mtukudzi, who recently died but is held in the hearts of many Zimbabweans, including Ms. Matoushaya.

The great Zimbabwean singer and guitarist Oliver "Tuku" Mtukudzi performing two tracks live in our Bush House studios. This classic track, Neria is about the strength of women and how they should take their place and not feel inferior to men.


Morning Garden and Bluebell Nursery children enjoy the new climbing triangle donated by WSP parent Amy Staggs and Yellow Brick Kids, a local shop opened by former WSP Morning Garden parent Rachel Tokarski.


Little Friends tree climbers.


Middle School snowball fun—duck!


Children in Extended Care build mulch fairy gardens and bug barns.


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