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May Fair 2023—Thank you!

It was wonderful to see so many of you at May Fair this year! This event would not be possible without the support of the WSP community and donors.

Kathleen Andrews

John Baker

The Buffington Family

Emily Bush

Ashley Cameron

Emily Carlson

Robin Clarke

Cavacini Landscaping & Garden Center

Christina Chirdon-Jones

Lisa Collier

John and Kirsten Christopherson-Clark

Amanda Crossland

The Dailey Family

Zuleika Erbeldinger Bjork

Katherine DeAngelis

Denese Giordano

Anne Clair Goodman

Jennie Guerrero

Manola Handler

Ang Illar

Lauren Jesko

Amanda Kenney

Holly King

Allie Lee

Local Roots Landscaping

The Lychak Family

Stephanie Mayer-Staley

Denise McMorrow

Teresa Narey

Kim O’Donnell

Michelle Opdahl

Olive & Marlowe

The Pachon/Pachon-Moreno Family Dawn Penny Dana Prukowski Reimagined Recycling David Richie The Home Depot Robyn Thomas Trader Joe’s Union Project Paige Wiegman Devon Wood Iki Woodburn WSP Grade 6 Woodwork Class

Musicians: Heather Cramer Ras Maisha with Truth and Rites David Pfister Peggy Yoo

Special guest marionette show performers: Rebecca Davis Pegin Foglia Barbara Grance

Our amazing parent volunteers, faculty, and administration!

Photos by Eliza Morse


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