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Extended Care Survey: Due July 9th

We know that many of you rely upon the WSP Extended Care program to accommodate your family’s schedule and make WSP a fit for you. Although we were unable to offer this program during the 2020–21 program, due to COVID-19, it is our hope that we can once again extend this option to families who may need it for the upcoming 2021–22 school year.

In the absence of our Extended Care program this past year, we have had moments to reflect upon what has worked well and what might be improved upon, both for our staff and for our families. We would like to invite you to join us in thinking through options.

As we begin to form the Extended Care program for the 2021–22 school year, we would like to collect your valuable thoughts and assess the needs of your family regarding the Extended Care program. If you there is any possibility that you will need some form of extended care for your children this year, please take a moment to complete this survey.

Note: The survey form is not your official sign-up for the Extended Care program, nor does it commit you to any certain set of services. We are simply collecting ideas with the intention of using your information to help form the best program for the whole of our families and staff.


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