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WSP’s Gender and Sexuality Alliance Club

WSP's Gender and Sexuality Alliance Club (GSA) is an optional lunchtime gathering for students in Grades 3–4 and 5–8, meeting every other Tuesday with WSP parent and, Lisa Collier and a Grades Faculty Member. Any student from 3–8th grade is welcome regardless of orientation or identity. The focus of GSA is to be a space for conversation about allyship, to aid the students in their growing understanding of each other and themselves, and to support those who are gender diverse within our school. The meetings are 15–20 minutes each session. In keeping the club in two age ranges, students are guided through age appropriate conversations that support their growing understanding of a diverse and inclusive world. Families are welcome to contact Lisa or Robyn Thomas, Grades Faculty Chair, with questions. The next GSA Club meeting will be Tuesday, November 15th at lunchtime.

History: WSP's GSA Club began in Fall 2019 at the request of middle school students who saw an opportunity for our community to grow in understanding and supporting of the LGBTQIA+ community, which included and includes current students, employees, and community members. This club is independent of any national group and is open to any enrolled students in Grades 3–8.


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