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Scenes from Campus

The 2021–22 school year has begun!

Our Little Friends walk the balance beam, finding their centers as they adjust to the first week of school.

Poppy and Dandelion Kindergarten children begin their day outside and quickly engage in projects.

Ms. Killian watches as First Graders take turns coming to the chalkboard to draw their best “resting lines”. Their classmates look on with interest at how straight each individual can move their chalk across the board. Their collective effort is quite amazing!

Ms. King and Grade Six begins the year with the study of geology.

Grades Sixth through Eight enjoy the sun and shade during recess this first week of the school year.

Grade Eight, WSP Class of 2022, settles into the Heartwood Annex—both inside and out. Ms. Goodman came dressed to hold her class's attention on the first day of school. Note: Ms. Goodman's mask is in her pocket, briefly removed to take this photo before students arrived for the day.

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