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May Fair Update and Details

We can now host you on campus for up to two hours! Prepare for your visit by reviewing the May Fair map.

Dear WSP Families,

Please read some important information below regarding our May Fair. While the CDC has recently eased its guidelines for mask wearing when outdoors for those who are vaccinated, we wanted you to know that we will still require masks to be worn during May Fair activities on Saturday, May 1. One exciting change is that we will be able to allow families to stay on campus for up to 2 hours instead of 1 hour and still meet all state mandates. Families will move in one direction only for the first three activities in their order on this map. Please arrive promptly at the time of your tickets. Regardless of the time of your start, everyone will move from activities 1- 3 in their order on this map. Once your family moves into the Heartwood Annex and play yard areas, families are free to move as they wish within that area for the remainder of their time on campus, but one may not return to activities 1-3 once you leave those areas. Think of it as a one way driveway through campus. When it is time for you to depart the campus, you will hear the school bell ring and see a silk waved with the color of the bracelet of your timed entry. For example, if you arrived at 11 am and received a blue bracelet, at 1 pm a blue silk will be waved letting you know it is time to leave the campus with best wishes for the day! Please note there will be no food or beverages served at May Fair. If you have any questions regarding your tickets, please contact Jen Widich at You may purchase tickets here.

Families of 5 use code FAMILY5 and families of 6 use code FAMILY6 for discount.


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