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Finding a Moment of Calm

A Letter from Our Head of School

Dear WSP Families,

A praying mantis sat perched on the railing of the school’s front steps on Wednesday of this week. It is an intriguing insect to watch. Many cultures consider these creatures to be a symbol of calmness — an urging to find stillness (and balance) within oneself in preparation for focusing one’s intentions. An appropriate message to receive as we prepare for a return to campus next week!

Thank you for your thoughtful responses to the Return to School Survey. We had 102 people provide feedback. It was helpful to hear from you during the Return to School Q & A Coffee Hour Zoom call as well. Your questions and comments provide helpful dialogue as we strive to be clear and transparent in our preparations.

Self-care is more important than ever this year. All parents are expected to use the Student Symptoms Checklist each morning with your child(ren). Employees will be using a similar checklist. Please remember that if your child is planning to return for in-person instruction, you must commit to following WSP’s Health & Safety Plan by signing your WSP Health & Safety Plan Family Acknowledgment stating you comply with its terms prior to your child’s return. Our success as a community relies heavily on our collective ability to follow WSP’s health and safety protocols.

As we enter this new phase in the school year, I want to thank our Facilities Manager, Adam Reitano, for his conscientious service to WSP for almost three years. Adam has played an essential role in helping us accomplish key projects throughout his time at WSP. While today is his last day as Facilities Manager, Adam will remain a parent in our community and will provide critical support for the incoming person.

As we continue our search to fill the Facilities Manager position, we are sincerely grateful to Mark Staley, parent and PA Co-Chair, who has graciously agreed to serve as our Interim Facilities Manager. Mark brings a diverse skillset to this position, and we are pleased that he will join our Administrative Team for the coming weeks.

On Monday, Oct. 12, we look forward to seeing many of you outside on campus as you drop off your children at their outdoor classrooms. Students in Grades 2–8 will enter the building individually after receiving a temperature check. If you have any questions about morning drop-off or dismissal, please see your child’s teacher or email Miss Jen at

Holding calm and inner stillness for the week ahead,

Kirsten Christopherson-Clark

Head of School


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