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Changes in the Administrative Team

Anne Fowler, our Community Outreach and Development Coordinator, will be reducing her hours due to requirements of a full-time position she has held alongside her role at WSP. We are so pleased she will stay on as WSP’s Grant Writer and will offer development support one day per week.

Anne started in her role at WSP on August 24, 2019. We are very grateful for her work and dedication for the past two years. She remains a wonderful team member who exudes warmth with a sincere desire to continue to serve our school.

Jenn Moore, our parent volunteer graphic designer, has generously given her time and expertise for the last 18 months by designing a new website for us and working weekly with our Head of School on graphics for our announcements, newsletters, and special projects. The work she has done has yielded extremely positive responses from current and prospective parents, as well as new hires. We are delighted to officially welcome Jenn into the part-time role of Marketing and Communications Support. Jenn is an experienced designer and art director as well as Waldorf parent of two children. She will continue to work on marketing and communications projects remotely this year. Please join us in welcoming Jenn to this new role and thanking her for all she’s already given to the school!

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