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Annual Fund 2020–2021:
Rise & Shine

In this year unlike any other, let us rise and shine to make the Waldorf School of Pittsburgh all it can be! The Waldorf School of Pittsburgh Annual Fund makes an immediate impact on the quality of the school and directly benefits all students. It is driven by you and your generosity as well as donations from parents, alumni, teachers, staff, parents of alumni, former staff and board members.

This year’s Annual Fund launch is phased and will kick-off on Wednesday, November 11th and culminate in our traditional, socially distanced, Martinmas Lantern Walk on Friday, November 13th. Our ‘Rise & Shine’ theme is a symbol of our community’s steadfast light we have shone upon each other in the face of a year that presented many with unprecedented challenges. We rise and we shine every day at WSP and each of us brings a unique and inspiring light to the world. Whether we are in-person or together virtually we are always a community. Every dollar donated to the Annual Fund counts and provides us with the resources we need to continue shining.

About the Annual Fund

What is the Annual Fund?  

The Waldorf School of Pittsburgh Annual Fund is driven by gifts from generous parents like you, along with the gifts of alums, teachers, staff, parents of alums, former staff, grandparents, and friends. In 2019–20, gifts from 292 donors added up to roughly $46,000 in support of our students and programming. Your Annual Fund donation makes an immediate impact on the quality of the school and directly benefits your child and other students. 

Note: Annual fund donations are not allocated to our Core Green Building Certified 8th Grade Classroom Project. For more information about contributing to this exciting project, please contact Anne Fowler, Community Outreach & Development Coordinator at, or donate online here. 

Why does the Waldorf School of Pittsburgh have an Annual Fund?

Tuition alone does not cover the costs of an independent school education. Like other schools and colleges, Waldorf School of Pittsburgh relies on gifts to help meet annual expenses and provide funding for financial aid, program expansion and teacher salaries. In 2019–20, $523,000 was awarded in financial assistance. This year, Waldorf School of Pittsburgh awarded $600,000. The annual fund helps us bridge this gap.


What does the Annual Fund do for the students and teachers of the Waldorf School?

The Annual Fund provides resources for our operating budget in support of all aspects of the school, from financial assistance for 50% of our families, to larger mission-driven work, i.e. our Eurythmy program, and (perhaps most importantly!) teachers’ salaries and compensation.


Why not raise tuition instead of asking me to give a donation?

The Board of Trustees tries to keep tuition as low as possible so that as many families as possible will be able to afford a Waldorf education. Raising tuition would restrict even further the number of families who could attend our school. At the same time, we must maintain the authenticity of our programs. Charitable contributions help us achieve both goals.

I pay tuition. Why are you asking me to do more?

By helping to cover the gap between what it actually costs to educate each student at the school each year in tuition, your gift to the Annual Fund directly influences the educational experience students have at Waldorf School of Pittsburgh. The availability of more resources equals access to enhancing our very special learning environment. Also, contributions to Waldorf School of Pittsburgh are tax-deductible, whereas tuition payments are not. When you donate to the Annual Fund, you help keep tuition payments lower, and your gift entitles you to a tax benefit.


How much am I expected to give?

We hope that every participant will be as generous as possible. We want you to give what you can to support our school and community with joy! In the past, donations have ranged from the pennies carried in by a student to more than $5,000. Gifts of all sizes are needed and welcome. Every dollar makes a difference and every student benefits.


What if I can’t make a big donation?

While we rely on the generosity of leadership gifts, please realize that every gift—no matter the size—is needed and important. We truly value participation in the Annual Fund. The percentage of parent support is important in the eyes of foundations and major donors. It is considered a sign of institutional strength when donors see broad-based giving from our community. When you give joyfully to your own school, foundations and other donors notice!


What if I can’t give right now?

There are ways we all can help. You can pledge now, and defer your payment until later, or pay in installments via your TADS account. All pledge payments must be received by the close of the Annual Fund, which is June 30, 2020.


Can I make a monthly donation?

Yes! A monthly donation is an excellent way to support WSP. PayPal is still available online. You may also make a monthly donation and have it rolled into your bill via TADS. A $20 monthly donation adds up to a significant $240 yearly gift!


Will my company match my gift?

When you make a gift to WSP, you can double or triple its impact by checking with your employer to see if they participate in a matching gift program. Many companies and foundations match the value of charitable gifts made by employees and their spouses, board members, and retirees.


Who else is asked to give joyfully?

Everyone in the Waldorf community! If you’d like to pass along more information about the Annual Fund to your parents, friends, or family, we will send an e-mail for you to share. We hope you’ll share our request widely with your network. A successful Annual Fund, supported by a large percentage of the Waldorf community, directly contributes to the experience children have at WSP. It affirms and celebrates all that we’ve created and helps us to shape our world for the future. It reflects our belief in the transformative power and beauty a Waldorf Education provides.



If you have any questions, please contact:

Anne Fowler

Community Outreach and Development Coordinator

412.441.5792, ext 235

Kirsten Christopherson-Clark, Head of School 
412.441.5792 x231


Bob Roberson, Director of Business Operations 
412.441.5792 x225

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